Testimoni Vitamin B17 Mencegah Dan Merawat Kanser


Jika  ubatan ciptaan manusia sudah tidak dapat

memberi penyembuhan maka beralihlah berusaha dengan menggunakan ubatan Tuhan iaitu yang Pertama: menggunakan Air yang suci lagi bersih kerana ia bersifat alkali, Sel kanser tidak boleh hidup dalam air yang bersifat alkali, jadi gunakanlah air mineral semulajadi atau air tapis yang mempunyai tanah sebagai agen penapisnya.

Yang kedua: memakan makanan yang tidak berkimia dan bahan pengawet, kita selalu memakan ulam-ulaman dan kita juga mengetahui bahawa yang pahit itu lah ubat. Biji Aprikot sememangnya pahit juga lemak dan mengandungi banyak vitamin B17 yang boleh langsung membunuh sel kanser dan menyerang apa-apa sel yang tidak normal.

Jadi tidak hairanlah testimoni di bawah menunjukkan kejayaan penyakti kanser tidak kira kanser apa sekali pun, malah hasil yang sama boleh diperolehi kepada pesakit Kencing Manis, Darah Tinggi, Gaout, Buah Pinggang, Jantung, Resdung dan bermacam-macam lagi penyakit.

I found a website that contains lots of
testimonials from men and women all across
the world, most of them cancer patients,
who say they healed their cancer by eating
apricot kernels. It makes for some interesting
reading. Here’s the address:







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Kodakgallery.com: Slideshow click on the Kodak Gallery for the latest pictures of the wound in my back that is a result of an operation to take out the old plastic mesh from the cancer operation or 22 years ago. This operation was just on March 23rd or 2009.Kodakgallery.com: Slideshow

Above is the recent surgery I had on March 23rd 2009 in which a Broncho plural coetaneous fistula was partially taken care of. The plastic mesh that was infected was taken out from inside. The hole goes a lot deeper than you see here because my muscle flap is covering that part that goes deep past my rib cage in into my plural cavity.

apricot seed yang luar biasa…>klik

My name is Jason Vale and I believe I know the answer to cancer; apricot seeds along with a good diet. This is agreed upon amongst many top scientists and nutritionists. I had cancer three times, the first time when I was eighteen years old, the second Time at 19 and then 15 years ago at 26. Since the last time, I’ve been eating the apricot seeds only as my cancer therapy along with some basic diet changes. The first time I used conventional med and the second time, a combination of conventional and some diet changes….but the third time…APRICOT SEEDS. Found in over 1200 foods, which we don’t eat anymore in our culture, the components of the apricot seed make it impossible for cancer to grow in the body. I just spent 5 years in prison for contempt of court because I was accused of refusing to stop selling apricot seeds ….. I had cancer three times, the first time when I was eighteen years old. For four months, the doctors from four different hospitals diagnosed me with pneumonia. Upon exploratory surgery, a huge tumor the size of a grapefruit between my back and ribs was found. This was causing fluid in my lungs to build up. The lab results revealed that I had a very rare form of cancer called the Askin’s tumor . Upon researching my disease in medical libraries, my father and I found that this particular tumor had a 100% mortality rate.(for the doctors report click here) Of those who had the Askin’s tumor, all tried either chemo or radiation, yet within a year or two had died despite their attempts. At that time, there were only 40 reported cases. As I began preparations for radiation treatments, I was completely consumed by the overwhelming information I had just discovered. That day, I left the hospital knowing I would never return for treatment. Had I stayed, they would’ve killed me……..

Vitamin B17 atau dikenali Laetrile mampu meneutralkan kanser dan memulihkan pelbagai jenis penyakit kanser walaupun yg dah kronik….

Vitamin B17 mengandungi 2 bahagian glucose(gula), 1 bhgn Hydrogen Cyanide and 1 bhgn Benzaldehyde. seperti yg sedia maklum Hydrgen Cyanide dan Benzaldehyden adalah unsur2 sgt merbahaya namun demikian apabila kita memakan vitamin B17 ini kedua2 unsur tadi akan bertindak meneutralkan sel-sel yg dijangkiti oleh kanser lalu dikeluarkan dari dalam tubuh….

telah dirahsiakan oleh para doktor di hospital2 sejak dahulu sbb ditakuti hospital akan kerugian jika ketiadaan pesakit….

Di Amerika seorg doktor yg menghidapi kanser tulang dikaki sehinggakan beliau tidak boleh berjalan telah menyuntik Laetrile dikaki beliau sambil menanti maut tetapi keajaiban berlaku apabila beliau terlena tidur dan apabila sedar dari tidur, kaki beliau pulih seperti biasa malah rasa lebih sihat…setelah bertugas semula di hospital beliau dipecat gara2 menggunakan Laetrile(vitamin B17)…kini beliau menetap di Mexico sbb negara Mexico satu2nya negara yg membenarkan penggunaan Laetrile dalam perubatan menymbuhkan kanser di dunia….

Ubat nie Halal….amalkan makan ubat ini selain dari sembuhkan kanser ubat nie jg boleh kuarkan toksid dalam badan…

vitamin B17 ni jg ada dalam buah-buahan spt bitter almond, apricot, blackthorn, cherry, nectarine, peach dan plum.


Antara klinik dan hospital yang
Mengggunakan Vitamin B17

The Fountain of Life Clinic , Gold Coast , Australia , The Kroiss Cancer Center , Austria Immuno Augmentative Therapy Center , Bahamas , Ozone Research Center , Havana , Cuba Center for Integrated , Vancouver , Kanada , HOC Center for Progressive Medicine , Kanada , Kelowna Naturopathic Clinic , Kelowna , Kanada , Brackendene Clinic , England , The Bristol Cancer Help Center , England , The Issels Cancer Treatment , England , Bio Med Klinik , Jerman , Klinik St Georg , Jerman , Optimum Health Centre , Hong Kong , United Cancer Research Institute , Hungary , The East Clinic , Ireland , Sant Orsola Malpighi Hospital , Bologna , Itali Holistic Keihoku Hospital , Tokyo ,Jepun , Oasis Hope of Hospital , Tiguana , Mexico , Hospital de Diagnostico , San Salvador , J. Buxalleu Font , Barcelona , Sepanyol ,. Las Mariposas Clinic , Malaga , Sepanyol , Spring of Life Therapeutic Cancer, Afrika Selatan .



Dr Ernesto Contreras , Oasis of hope Hospital , ; Beliau telah berjaya merawat 100,000 lebih pesakit kanser menggunakan Vitamin B-17 .

Apakah Pandangan Pakar dan Saintis mengenai Vitamin B 17 ?

Menurut Dr Philip E . Binzel , Pakar Kanser , Ohio , Usa :€œ B 17 bahan alam semulajadi yang terdapat di dalam pemakanan nitrilosides ini boleh memusnahkan sel-sel kanser serta menyuburkan sel-sel bukan kanser .

Dr . Micheal Tait , Fountain of Life Clinic , Gold Coast , Australia : Kanser adalah penyakit metabolic¦.. terdapat bukti kukuh bahawa pengurangan vitamin B-17 daripada makanan harian kita adalah penyebab utama seseorang mendapat kanser .

Dr Dean Burk , Pakar Kanser dari Jerman yang mengkaji secara terperinci :Dibawah mikroskop kami masukkan B17 keatas sel kanser , kami melihat bahawa sel-sel kanser itu mati dengan cepat sekali

Dr Kanematsu Suguira , Penyelidik Kanser terkenal didunia : B17 adalah ejen anti barah paling berkesan yang pernah diujinya.

Dr Ernest Kreb Jr , pakar biochemist Pengasas Vitamin B15 dan B17 :B17 adalah harapan utama dan terakhir didalam terapi kanser.

Dr Hans Nieper , Pakar Kanser dari Jerman Barat€œ Setelah melebihi 20 tahun bekerja sebagai pakar , saya mendapati vitamin B17 jauh lebih baik mahupun pencegahan ,. Saya berpendapat bahawa tiada lain melainkan Vitamin B17 yang dapat mengawal semua jenis kanser.


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Seeds or kernels of the apricot grown in central Asia and around the Mediteranian are so sweet that they may be substituted for almonds. The Italian liqueur amaretto and amaretti biscotti are flavoured with extract of apricot kernels rather than almonds. Oilcooking oil. pressed from these cultivars has been used as

Medicinal and non-food uses

Cyanogenic glycosides (found in most stone fruit seeds, bark, and leaves) are found in high concentration in apricot seeds. Laetrile, a purported alternative treatment for cancer, is extracted from apricot seeds. Apricot seeds “were used against tumors as early as A.D. 502. In England during the seventeenth century, apricot oil was also used against tumors, swellings, and ulcers“.[14] In 2005, scientists in the Republiv of Korea found that treating human prostate cancer cells with amygdalin induces programmed cell death. They concluded that “amygdalin may offer a valuable option for the treatment of prostate cancers”.[15]

Due to their high fiber to volume ratio, dried apricots are sometimes used to relieve constipation or induce diarrhea. Effects can be felt after eating as few as three.

Research shows that of any food, apricots possess the highest levels and widest variety of carotenoids. Carotenoids are antioxidants that help prevent heart disease,] reduce “bad cholesterol” levels, and protect against cancer. Although initial studies suggested that antioxidant supplements might promote health, later large clinical trials did not detect any benefit and suggested instead that excess supplementation may be harmful. In traditional Chinese medicine, apricots are considered helpful in regenerating body fluids, detoxifying, and quenching thirst

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Stop Cancer – The Final Answer to Cancer Riddles

Across the world, people are recovering from cancer, even for those who had been sent home by their most rusted doctors as hopeless terminals. These are ordinary men and women who have resolved to survive against the odd simply by turning to B17 as the last resort. The discovering of B17 from Nitrilosides in cancer treatments and prevention has offered new hope for those who have been diagnosed with cancer or who wish to exercise total cancer prevention.

Press Release

“Cancer Cure” unveiled Press Release: 23-4-99

The Bad News
There is no family in the western societies that has not suffered from cancer. Cancer has grown over the years to claim at least 1 in every 2-3 Americans. If left unchecked, the experts have predicted cancer epidemic would rise to approach 100% in the 21st century.

Can we beat cancer?
The good news is “Yes”. Cancer is chronic and metabolic in origin. It is not caused by a bacterium, virus, or any mysterious toxin but by the absence of a natural substance (B17 from Nitrilosides) and the essential minerals in our modern diets. If that analysis is correct, then the cure and prevention of cancer is simple. – “World Without Cancer”

Beat Cancer in Total Cancer Prevention

Dr. Ernst T. Krebs Jr. Ph.D. (The Discoverer of vitamin B17) had convinced the world that B17 is the first and final hope in therapy of cancer in man and animals.

Below is part of his speech with strong messages presented at the 2nd Annual Cancer Convention at the Ambassador Hotel in LA, California, USA.

“We hear a great deal about its use in terminal cancer, but the time to start with B17 is NOW before the disease become clinical. You may start right now by commencing to eat proper quantity of B17 through ingesting nitrilosides rich in B17. We will be able to prevent this disease just as surely as we are able to prevent scurvy by the use of vitamin C…”

From “World Without Cancer”, the author, G. Edward Griffin of California, convinced that B17 appears to be capable of preventing the onset of all forms of cancer.

“There has been a steady growing group of people who have accepted the vitamin theory of cancer and who have altered their diets accordingly. They represent all walks of life, all ages, both sexes, and reside in almost every advanced nation in the world. There are many thousands in the United States alone. While the fellow Americans are suffering at the rate of 1 out 2 or 3, these people, after maintaining a diet rich in B17, none of them has ever been known to contract cancer. I repeat. After maintaining a diet rich in B17, none of these people has ever been known to contract cancer.”

Dr. Dean Burk, one of the foremost cancer specialists in the world

  • Ph. D. in Biochemistry at the University of California

  • A founding member of the American Federal Government’s National Cancer Institute (NCI)

  • Head of Cytochemistry Section of NCI

  • Gerhard Domagk Award for Cancer Research
    Hillebrand Award of the American Chemistry Society

  • The Commander Knighthood of the Medical Order of Bethlehem (Rome)

  • Fellow of The National Research Council at the University of London

  • Senior chemist at NCI

  • Author of 3 books on Chemotherapy Cancer Research

  • Author of more than 200 scientific papers in the field of cell chemistry

“When we add B17 to a cancer culture under the microscope, we can see the cancer cells dying off like flies.”

Dr. Ernesto Contreras, a cancer specialist from Oasis Hospital, Mexico, treated 100,000 cancer patients

  • Operated the Oasis Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico

  • Chief pathologist at the Army Hospital in Mexico City

  • Professor of Histology and Pathology at the Mexican Army Medical School

  • Cancer specialist for over 30 years, treating cancer patients with vitamin B17

“For the prevention of cancer and the maintenance of remission, there is nothing as effective as B17… its non-toxicity permits of its use indefinitely, while surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can only be administered for a limited time……the majority of cancers that occur more frequently, such as cancers of the lungs, breast, colon, ovaries, stomach, esophagus, prostate and the lymphomas, are much helped by B17.”

Dr. Hans Nieper, a cancer specialist from West Germany quoted in US

  • Former Director of the Department of Medicine at Silbersee Hospital in Hanover

  • Former Head of Aswchaffenburg Hospital Laboratory

  • Former Director of the German Society for Medicne Tumor Treatment

  • Pioneer cobalt therapy and the anti-cancer drug cyclophosphamide

“After more than 20 years of such specialized work, I have found the non-toxic nitrilosides, that is, far superior to any other known cancer treatment or preventive. In my opinion, it is the only existing possibility for the ultimate control of all cancers.

Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura, one of the world’s most respected and experienced Japanese cancer research scientists, with over 60 years’ experienced in cancer research to his credit, had headed for a 5-year research (1972-1977) on B17 at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York. In science laboratory, he was the perfect man for this test. His findings were regarded as final by the Russian cancer researchers. He reported,
“B17 is effective in stopping metastasis (spreading) of cancer.”

As it turned out, Dr. Lloyd Schloen, who duplicated Sugiura’s experiments, had gone so far to add proteolytic enzymes to the injections, and reported a 100% cure rate among Swiss albino mice.

Dr. Philip E. Binzel, Jr., a physician in Washington Court House, Ohio who has used B17 for cancer treatments for over 20 years with astounding success from his medical establishment. He cited,

“If you are tumor-oriented and are looking for something to make the tumor magically disappear, no, it doesn’t. But, if you are looking for something that will prevent the disease from spreading and save the life of the patient, yes, it does.

Dr. H.W. Manner, the Chicago Cancer Specialist, announced his breakthrough in cancer research at the National Health Federation Press conference in Chicago

“Laetrile (B17) alone won’t do it, but B17 / enzyme / vitamins and minerals destroy cancer.”

Professor Charles Mathe, a French cancer specialist, makes this astonishing declaration:
If I contract cancer, I would never go to a standard cancer treatment center. Cancer victims who live far from such centers have a chance.

Dr. Ulrich Abel of Heidelberg, Germany, after polling hundreds of cancer doctors, cited,
“….that many oncologists would not take chemotherapy themselves if they had cancer.”

The above information is used only for education purposes and should not be taken as medical advice and treatment of diseases

astro oasis dan biji apricot Vitamin B17

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